Art Account Review by Gianna Demalteris

IG | @yaoyaomova

* This page or account may have profane content. The Echo and Steinbrenner High School may not support all of these views or images.

The art account chosen this month is Yaoyaomva. She lives in Los Angeles with her dog Parker and has recently begun working as an animator. Yao Yao is not only a part time animator, but also a painter, illustrator, and a background creator for many different T.V. shows including Rick and Morty and Bojack Horseman. the art style she uses in her illustrations shows her as a cartoonish, yet, realistic version of herself and the world around her. Her art account on Instagram includes depictions she’s created of a particular moment in her day. to convey her emotions through her pictures, she uses a specific color combination to show how she felt that day. Sometimes it can just be a random picture of a short moment from her day and other times it can be pictures of something that she was feeling. Her art was chosen because it stood out as it was very relatable and close to home for most people.- Gianna Demalteris