Hippo Campus Music Review by Kaitlin Burkhart

Landmark by Hippo Campus

Genre- Alternative

As their debut album, Hippo Campus’ “Landmark” served as a perfect introduction to the success that is approaching this band. It’s full of 13 songs, ranging from feel good Indie pop to introspective songs that will get you thinking.

“Epitaph” is about a relationship but doesn’t follow the typical route in terms of alternative pop songs. It sounds very mature and serene with light guitar and a softer beat but is very different from songs this band has presented in the past. Jake Luppen, the lead singer, says, “I need nothing more than my problems/Just let me know when you’ve found them,” which is one of my favorite lyrics because to me it shows how blinded you can be by something that you forget about what you really should be focusing on. This one is one of my favorites because it sounds so light and airy, like you don’t have a care in the world. “Simple Season” is another song with that fun beat and has a relatable tone to it. The song talks about the simplicity of youth and how it’s so easy to be young with nothing to worry about and how you can look back on those times with longing. They say, “This simple season is all ours” and how as youths it seems like the world will be so easy forever. “Monsoon” is one that on the surface seems like just another sad song, but in reality has a very deep undertone and many people can probably relate to it in some way. It looks at grief from a different perspective, by wondering if it’s okay to not grieve and just celebrate the great things that a person did in their life. They say, “The pleasure’s good as the pleasure’s sound/My chin held shut so my heart can talk louder” which just shows how when you lose someone you don’t have to say how much you miss them, it’s only your feelings that matter. The phrase “It should’ve been me” echoes throughout the song, which is realistic to this actual event, because you always feel guilty for someone’s death even though it isn’t your fault.  This song evokes a lot of emotion and shows a very introspective feel, especially in comparison to the songs this band has put out prior to this album.

All in all, this album is beautiful not just for your ears, but also lyrically, for each song packs so much meaning that you need to listen a few times to truly get it. The songs celebrate youth and how nothing really matters at that point in your life, and as a teenager emotions, I personally could relate to what they’re portraying. It showcases a variety of moods and truly represents things in life that people can relate to, especially their audience. This album is phenomenal in every aspect and is definitely worth the listen.

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