Hacksaw Ridge Film Review by Hailey Plumb

Rating: R

The movie, Hacksaw Ridge, follows the story of a soldier, Desmond Doss, played by Andrew Garfield, who fought during World War II for the United States against the Japanese. The battles in the movie took place on a ledge which was nicknamed “Hacksaw Ridge”, hence the name of the film. Whilst following Doss on his duties in the military, he faces some challenges along the way. Being a Conscientious Objector, Doss refuses to touch a gun and when given orders to train with the weapon, he refuses and states that he enlisted as a medic. When getting ready to be sent overseas, they refuse to allow him through because he did not finish his firearm training and is thrown in a military prison for some time. Later, there is a court case for Doss to be sent home where Doss’ father (a WWI Veteran) fights for his son to be allowed to fight for his country without needing a weapon by his side with a signed paper proving he was allowed to do so. Doss eventually wins the case and is deployed to go fight in Japan. Being a Conscientious Objector, some of the people he had to work with were unhappy with his belief claiming they thought Doss believed he was better than them. In turn, his fellow soldiers violently beat him in the middle of the night which prompted a Sergeant to attempt to send him home, in which he refused as well as refusing to identify who beat him. Up until the actual battles against the Japanese, Doss was viewed as a coward. Until, Doss risked his own life to rescue others, slowly dropping them down with a rope while still under fire by the Japanese and continuing to run through the battlefield saying “Please Lord, help me get one more”. Doss even saved his Sergeant. (75 people in total) At one point, Doss becomes injured and is immediately rescued by the soldiers who once hated him and some even went back to grab Doss’ most beloved possession, his Bible.

Overall, in my personal opinion, Hacksaw Ridge did a phenomenal job of portraying what the realities of war are actually like through telling a true story of one heroic soldier, Desmond Doss. Some portrayals display how hard it is for Veterans to watch their children enlist to fight in a war when they know how serious it can be, watching your friends die in front of you, and much more. It even shows how hard it can be to kill even when one thinks they are prepared for it. However, if Violence, gore, and strong language offend you, this may not be a movie to your liking. Overall, my personal rating of the movie is a 9/10.