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In The Desert Somewhere by Jaeda Solon

The air had taken to a syrupy kind of sweetness, the sky speckled with stars and already sunken quite deeply into night. A pitter-patter of tiny footfalls against the creaky old porch approached the old man like the drizzle that preceded rain. The little boy who quietly came beside him, waited to be acknowledged though […]

CD Paintings by Zoe Rivera

Original CD paintings by the spectacularly splendid and skillful sophomore Zoe Rivera! Zoe talks about her process for planning her amazing pieces, how she began her own online shop, how aestheticism inspires her distinct style when creating, and more! Check out more of her art on her Instagram @Shop.ByZoey or whip out those wallets and […]

I Remember by Anonymous

CONTENT WARNING: DEPICTIONS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT I remember you, my first and only masseuse, in your 30s or 40s, maybe children or a wife at home. Dark brown almost black hair shaved on the sides, letting it grow in the middle. I remember a sort of scowl that left a mark on your forehead, deep […]


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“The sun scorched James’ skin as he sprinted from the school with the lamb’s head he stole from his science class. That day in class, the students all shied away with disturbed looks on their faces while making an incision into the lambs head.There was hardly any educational value from accidentally mutilating a specimen that was once living…”

Stress Relief, Molly Pefley

Inhuman Nature Podcast

Throughout time, humanity has searched for a voice. We fought, we killed, we suffered. When humanity is pushed they often push back in ways worse than nature ever could. Disaster has a way of bringing out the worst in us. We become demented, horrible, lost in ourselves. Today, these lost voices combine to tell this […]