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First Date at the Symphony by Andrea Burgess

Velvet chairs at the symphony Our seats, first class to fantasy  I was lost, searching for my reflection in song You were alone, awaiting the company of a pleasing melody Our hands inched closer like teens at a movie The soft echoes around us accompanied our show A soundtrack full of crescendo and chord Driving […]

Quaran-tacular Featured Art

My name is Evangeline Vo. I am 15 years old. In my art, I wanted to capture strong feelings of nostalgia and how they make you perceive memories a little bit differently than how things really were.  My name is Bailey Kimsey. I am 19 years old. I wanted to make a piece that tests […]

Two Covid-19 PSAs from Steinbrenner Students

Today, the Echo is featuring Public Service Announcements created by two talented Steinbrenner students, Faith Edwards and Anastasia Gerges. Read a little bit about what inspired each of them, and watch both PSAs right here! Social Distance by Faith Edwards Staying indoors has actually been pretty tough for me. I wanted to do the PSA […]


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“The sun scorched James’ skin as he sprinted from the school with the lamb’s head he stole from his science class. That day in class, the students all shied away with disturbed looks on their faces while making an incision into the lambs head.There was hardly any educational value from accidentally mutilating a specimen that was once living…”

Stress Relief, Molly Pefley

Inhuman Nature Podcast

Throughout time, humanity has searched for a voice. We fought, we killed, we suffered. When humanity is pushed they often push back in ways worse than nature ever could. Disaster has a way of bringing out the worst in us. We become demented, horrible, lost in ourselves. Today, these lost voices combine to tell this […]