Panic! At the Disco- Music Review

Panic! At the Disco is no stranger to changing up their sound. Since their creation in 2004, Panic has ventured through edgy emo and danced their way through sultry Sinatra. So it’s no surprise to hear them melding their styles with the first two singles of Pray for the Wicked. Set to release June 22,... Continue Reading →

Wuthering Heights- Book Review

Book- Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë Genre- Gothic Literature/ Romance Reviewed by Lexi Velte I was not looking forward to reading Wuthering Heights. I’d heard the horror stories of past AP Literature students, and as I sat flipping through the pages, preparing myself for the verbose tendencies of Emily Brontë, dread sat in my stomach... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompts!!!!

2/7/18 Writing prompts by Thais Jacomassi  -Write a story beginning with: “Last night the sun didn’t set. It fell.” -Write a story in which the human race lives in a glass dome with no entrance or exit, which protects them from the wasteland outside. One morning a dusty handprint appears on the outside. -Write a... Continue Reading →

What We Do in the Shadows- Movie Review

Genre- Comedy Rated- R Reviewed by- Kerri Cochran The mystical rep of Vampire cinema has been desecrated since the film that shall not be named blew up in 2008, but thankfully with the help of comedians like Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, the palate has been cleansed with a Vampire movie that cancels out all... Continue Reading →

Danielle Sturgill- Creator of the Month

Art Forms- Painting, Sketching, Photography Grade- 12th  Written by: Angelica Reyes The Echo: When did you start getting into art?     Danielle S.: I always enjoyed drawing growing up. I started out with drawing horses when I was really young, but I didn’t get into art until around freshman year. That's when I started posting... Continue Reading →

Justin Copeland- Art Account Review

Art Account: @justincopeland-art Reviewed by: Bella Cruz O' Grady In the world of art, there have certainly been art forms that deviated from the norms of previous generations: cubism, surrealism, non-objective, and street art are some big ones. However, throughout history, one thing across Europe, Asia, South America, and North America that has remained constant... Continue Reading →

The Stangers- Film Review

Film: The Strangers (2008) Written and Directed by -Bryan Bertino Genre: Horror, Mystery, and Thriller Rated: R Reviewed by Noah Alewel               Before you continue to read, know that there are major spoilers for “The         Strangers”; as well as minor spoilers for the “Friday the 13th”... Continue Reading →

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